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7 million costumers 50 national brands 1400 stores e 7000 sellers

Giver is a multi-channel marketing solution that improves your sales,creates relationships and brings your customers back to your stores

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R$189 Milhões Vendidos
$50 Million dollars
in sales
Additional sales with incentivescreated and measured by Giver USA systems.
Clientes Perdidos
active clients
were re-activated and came back to the store to buy more.
Novos Clientes
2.2 Million
of new customers
updated their addressesand digital records precisely.
Clientes OmniChannel
OmniChannel customers
are discovering what a true multi-channel relationship
Giver's Features

The software that transforms your brand

  • Get to know
    who your customer is
  • Gain
    customer loyalty.
  • Learn about your customer'spurchasing preferences
  • Engage your
    sales team
  • Integrate
    your systems
  • Get
    more results

Do you know who your customers are? Eighty percent of customers who enter your store are willing to give their personal information. In order to get it, the sales associate has to be well prepared and have something to offer in exchange of that data.
Our technology and strategy are designed to gather all of the information necessary to permanently activate your customers, by acquiring their name, email, cell phone, social media profile, purchasing taste and needs, photo and address.

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Once we get to know your client after the first purchase, we create a perfect environment and the visit gets linked to the next purchase, shortening the time of their next purchase. Meanwhile, Giver's algorithms based on the consumer's interests and preferences creates custom messages and benefits such as discounts and cash backs. These activations can increase the brand's turnover between 4% and 10% and increae the ROI.

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Learn what your customers are talking about your brand on social media and use it to improve sales and sales recurrence. Follow the purchase habit of each customer in an interactive timeline at Giver's "Shopkeeper" app on your smartphone or store's POS. With this timeline your sales associate will develop an essential relationship with your customer to increase sales and average ticket.

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Let's turn your sales associate into a customer hunter. They won't have to wait for the customer to come into the store or browse the mall aimless. Using phone calls, text messaging, social media and Whatsapp, we'll turn your sales associate (and customer) into a brand ambassador.

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Giver's CLi fully integrates with your POS and ERP system. You don't have to enter your customer's information twice. Everything is seamless. By using push messaging and notifications, Giver's system will remind the sales associate about tasks that are due, such as: birthday calls, layaway or bonus expiration. All of it with an exciting gamification that helps the day to day sales and the quality of the data captured. Managers have online access to all of the tasks, making real time necessary adjustments.

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Giver manages daily campaigns sent via Email, Text / Whatsapp messages and telemarketing, measuring how many customers were impacted and came back to the store, allowing to fine tune the most effective communication tool.

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